"It's Too Late" TIKTOK Campaign

The ARTIST – MOKEY LATTINI is a song-writer and electronic artist, while being the full stack producer and mix engineer. His music is primarily dance driven with rhythmic percussion and dreamy melodies, festival/dance inspired.

Song – “It’s Too Late”. This is a cover song, originally by Carole King (1971). Listen on Spotify.

Brief / Deliverables
 Social Platform: TikTok
Sound To Use: “It’s Too Late” by Mokey Lattini. TikTok Sound Link Here
Video Objective: Collaborator to highlight the transition from pre-chorus to drop chorus.

Video Content: Our recommendation is to stay authentic to your personal audience while complimenting the sound. But we have included the trending concept for inspiration 🙂

Tip: Start song 8 seconds into TikTok sound. 

details & how to qualify for payments

Media Deliverables:   1 TikTok Video
Media Objective:   Song Awareness
Duration:  +20 seconds
Tags:   @mokeylattini #itstoolate


  • Use authentic content to your personal brand or audience.
  • Video to stay live for 14 days.
  • Sound Volume to be +100%
  • Content creator can post up to 3 videos with the artist’s sound to qualify for benchmark views.


  • No cross promotions with other products or brands.
  • No offensive or unlawful behavior.
  • Purchase or manipulate views.
Usage Rights: @mokeylattini and/or Lionzden LLC may use your video(s) to re-post or duet in future dates. Please allow download and duet options to be turned on. 
Join Our Song-Collab Team: To be considered for additional sound-campaigns, videos must stay live.

For questions and terms please see FAQ and Collaborator Invite Policy.



Get paid to post, hit the benchmark views within 14 days & get paid again!

PAYMENT 2 / VIEWS$30 1st sound-collab + views$50 EVERY COLLAB AFTER*$10$50$100$150$200$250$30010K50K100K200K300K400K+500KPAYMENT 1 / POST©2022 LIONZDEN | $ BENCHMARK PAYOUTS*to qualify for $50 increase, collaborator must exceed 10K views from 1st sound-collab.

*Limited spots available. Initial payment is sent 1 (ONE) day following the Collaborator Post. Benchmark payouts are sent 1 (ONE) day after campaign end date. Collaborator must reach at least 10k views to qualify for the $50 pay increase.


Our main goal is to build relationships with creators that would like to use our artist’s sounds for their own content ideas while getting paid for it.

As a collaborator, you will receive $30 to post on TikTok using our artist’s sound. Each sound-collab is 14-days, once your video(s) collectively reach the benchmark goals, your payout increases as views increase.

If your video reaches 10k+ views, the sound-collabs to follow will increase from $30 to $50 every post + view payments.

We offer plenty of opportunities to participate in sound-collabs within different music genres. It’s up to you with how much you’d like to participate in!