WITCHZ side by side in the Las Vegas desert

WITCHZ Music NFT’s & Retiring from Vegas Nightclubs

Goodbye to the Industry

Happy New Year for sure.  Today I woke up around 10a and realized I’m officially self-employed. Last night I spent the count down creating a “year recap” in after effects for WITCHZ (ig @witchzmusic). That doesn’t really mean shit to anyone else, but for me, the last 14 New-Years-Days I’ve woken up closer to 2p and I’ve rang in the night before either cocktailing or bartending inside a Las Vegas nightclub. The annual over preparation for an over priced weekend has been the mile stones in my life with the same question every year… “how the fuck do I get out of here?”

The internet.

Lionzden Floppy Disk PhotoLionzden.dao

And here we are. Lionzden.dao (ig @lionzden.dao) has been purchased.

For over a decade this studio has been curating music projects, developing the technical skills to launch them, discovering ourselves within visual media , and soaking up YouTube as if the information is going to run out. 

We are a team of 2 and doing every single job from social media, record label, marketing, branding, visual concepts, and full stack recording studio…  The relationship my partner and I have goes 19 years deep. He’s my best friend… my ride or die, like the real kind and 2022 has enormous expectations for us. The development of our studio dao is a bit away, even late this year. But in the short, both projects WITCHZ and Mokey Lattini (ig @mokeylattini) will be releasing music NFT’s.

Music NFT’s 2022

WITCHZ side by side polaroid framed photo

WITCHZ is turning 2 years old in February. It’s been a mother fucker…. Learning by doing I guess. This whole thing has morphed into an audio/visual project. My other half is the better half. He’s the signer, songwriter, mix-engineer, and producer. He might let me co-produce, but majority of my time is spent making a visual impression for the music.

I’d like to thing of us as an audio visual band… not really, he shut it down.

The electronic project Mokey Lattini has been launched, which feels like 80% of the battle. As this one evolves, we are headed into a new demographic and untraditional territory. The community in the NFT and Web3 space is refreshing. Genuinely, I’m looking forward to growing within it. 

Both of these music projects are independently owned and were created from thin air, the idea of that is empowering for sure, but kind of scary. There are lots of uncertainties that come along this roller-coaster ride. For the first time, I’m actually excited for the uncertainty. The potential of Web3 has really turned these fears into opportunity. 

The Web3 Community

Even though there’s no big announcement, I felt it was important to start blogging on more levels than just “creating a piece of content”. Documenting this journey and laying intentions out before they happen is kind of legendary if you think about it. These are the moments where generational wealth and the rapid shift of technology is on the horizon. If I’m not participating on all fronts, did I do my best? 

Lastly, as someone who is new to web development and has zero formal background in tech, I find the community-educated resources to be more sincere than any other social-space I’ve had interest in. With that being said, I am tremendously grateful for the people who have shared their own journey and continue to give their knowledge away for free. All my best in 2022.

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